We specialise in transport from Poland to Ireland and Northern Ireland. We have experience since 2011, thanks to which we are able to offer high quality of transport services. In this direction, we have created a so-called line, which means that we carry out pickups in Poland every week on Tuesday-Thursday and deliveries in Ireland, as well as in Northern Ireland on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Transport of full truck loads

We have “standard” and “mega” tarpaulin semi-trailers with retractable roofs. All of our semi-trailers are equipped with the right number of belts, corners and anti-slip mats.

Transport of general cargo

We are experts in transporting loads of various sizes. We have bus vehicles that allow you to reach more demanding places and quickly and efficiently carry out general cargo.

Transport of non-standard loads

In our fleet, we have BDE semi-trailers in which the rear pillars are expanded, which allows non-standard loads such as agricultural tractors, construction machinery or even combine harvesters to enter and exit the semi-trailer. Using our experience and appropriate safeguards, we also provide a used clothing transport service. We will take any unusual load.

Transport of cargo qualified as “waste”

With the appropriate certificates, we also carry out the transport of “waste” cargo through countries such as Ireland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland and Lithuania. That is, by all countries in the Ireland-Poland-Ireland relation. We are also registered in the demanding Polish waste transport system (SENT).

Our showcase is the regularity and repetition of transports

Deciding to cooperate with us, you get a clear schedule of pick-ups and deliveries with a guarantee of timeliness. Thanks to experienced drivers and a variety of vehicles and semi-trailers, as well as their appropriate equipment – we are able to take any order.
Are you interested in our services? Contact us by phone: +48 661 921 657